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Debut Single Release Date: 16.04.2016

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Hi there I'm Errol Gobourne AKA Enntice a Music producer, arranger, bass guitarist, song writer, recording artist. Crazy is my debut single released on the Escape Records independent label.
Escape Records is more interested in good music rarther than just trying to pidgeon hole it. We are looking for Artists, Singer/Song writers for colaborations. 
We are interested in good music first and foremost which can fit into the following categories: Pop, Dance, R&B, Rap, Soul, Acid Jazz, Nu Soul or are any combination of these above genres.

Escape Records 

Available Outlets

Escape Records Ltd is a brand new independent record label created by a musican for musicians. Tired of being messed around by song submission websites ie paying them to submit your musical works. Then getting no real feedback, apart from being encouraged to keeping sending more material at a cost to you ?

Well enough is enough of that !!! Escape Records  aims to set your music Free to be heard by everyone & then let people decide if that's what they want to hear & buy. 

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Record Contract Information

Escape records will offer to sign artists that we feel we can work with in the form of a formal contractual agreement. That will clearly set out the terms & conditions of the agreement. In which  both parties will need to sign before commencing on any projects.

​Escape Records will get your music distributed in all major online digital stores. Via our 3rd Party publishing providers & your songs will be chart elligable.

Demo Submissions

  1. Song submissions are currently only accepting song submissions of online i.e. Please provide links to your online tracks on your Website,SoundCloud, Beatport or any other social media platform.
    Song Submissions
  2. Please submitt any tracks/ ideas you would like to collaborate on in via online links i.e. SoundCloud etc, you can send them in a Private Play List if your not ready to let anyone else hear them etc.
    Collaboration Requests
  3. You will get feedback on all tracks that have been submitted, however Escape Records being a brand new small independent label do not pay advances but can possibly help with recording/mastering & distribution.

Types of Music Currently in Progress



Dance Music






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Escape the 9-5 and Set your music free

Escape music is all about expression music that will make you dance and  groove. Party hard with good vibes. So if you want to be apart of this journey please don't hesitate to get in touch, after all you have nothing loose and a lot to gain.
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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message.